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About DSAT

The Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool (DSAT) is a powerful online tool for conducting detailed site assessments for single turbine projects, from residential to community scale. DSAT, created by a partnership between The Cadmus Group, Inc., BRE, Loughborough, Encraft, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is made possible through funds from the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

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Cadmus Announced Public Release of DSAT

As of January 12, 2012 Cadmus is pleased to announce the public release of DSAT, including the new Professional Account module. Now, users can sign upgrade their existing accounts, giving them access to all of the powerful features that DSAT has to offer, including: Full Story

DSAT v1.0 released on 11/4/2011

We are proud to announce the official release of DSATV1.0. In this version, users will have free access to all of DSAT's available wind resource, turbine performance, and environmental data. We are already working on several upgrades, including project economics and acoustic impacts, which we expect to release in the next few weeks. Let us know how we are doing on the Contact page.

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