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Cadmus Announced Public Release of DSAT
As of January 12, 2012 Cadmus is pleased to announce the public release of DSAT, including the new Professional Account module. Now, users can sign upgrade their existing accounts, giving them access to all of the powerful features that DSAT has to offer, including:
  • Professional-Level Reporting: Generate attractive 8 page reports, in minutes, suitable for handing directly to a customer, clean energy fund, or permitting agency.
  • More Data: In addition to annual energy output and environmental benefits, gain insight into wind resource, project visual impacts, and the impact of local terrain and obstructions on your project.
  • Unlimited Access: Professional users can create and store an unlimited number of sites and projects in their DSAT profile, making it easy to manage simulations for all of your clients.
Log in, or create an account, to begin using all of DSAT’s features to assess your wind energy projects today.
DSAT v1.0 released on 11/4/2011

We are proud to announce the official release of DSATV1.0. In this version, users will have free access to all of DSAT's available wind resource, turbine performance, and environmental data. We are already working on several upgrades, including project economics and acoustic impacts, which we expect to release in the next few weeks. Let us know how we are doing on the Contact page.

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